4 Common Dating Fears And How To Conquer Them

Even though going out with interesting people can be exciting and stimulating, millions of singles cope with a number of fears. Some concerns are valid while others are less serious than they seem. The problem is that many of these fears can hamper your dating success. Today, I’ll describe 4 common dating fears that hold many singles back from enjoying the kind of relationship they deserve.

#1 – “I’m A Klutz”

Accidents happen and they’re usually not date-killers. If you knock your drink over, drop lasagna on your lap, or trip on the way out of the restaurant, your date is not going to hate you. In fact, embarrassing accidents simply make you seem natural. Even if you’re prone to “klutzy” moments, your partner will probably feel closer to you. Remember, nobody’s perfect and everyone has occasional mishaps. The best thing you can do is laugh about it with your date.

#2 – “What If I Don’t Like Him/Her?”

The chances that you’ll fall in love with the first person you date are slim. In most cases, you’ll need to go out with several people before finding a great match. If you worry about having to let someone down, you’ll never experience the satisfaction of a great dating relationship. Take it one step at a time. Be open to dating people, knowing that you’ll need to deliver bad news once in awhile. Plus, keep in mind that letting someone down allows that person to find a true match more quickly.

#3 – “I’m A Bad Conversationalist”

You can hope that conversation flows naturally between you and your dating partner, but it often doesn’t. Sometimes, there are awkward silences. The irony is that a lot of singles clam up because they’re worried about clamming up. If you’re not a natural small-talker, being a good conversationalist on your date will require some effort. That said, if your dating partner asks you plenty of non-intrusive questions, you’ll find it easy to do your part. Otherwise, have a few questions of your own. Ask your date about college, work, favorite movies, wines, and pets. That may be all it takes to get the conversation flowing.

#4 – “I Don’t Want To Get Rejected”

Of course, nobody wants to get rejected by their date. But, it happens. The key is to understand that not every person you go out with will be well-suited for you. The more quickly you identify bad matches, the better. If your dating partner realizes that there’s no potential for a relationship between the two of you, they’re doing you a favor by “rejecting” you. That gives you the opportunity to look for a better match.

Getting Past Dating Fears

It’s natural to have anxieties about <a href=”http://www.suddenattraction.com”>dating</a>. Nearly everyone has them, even if they’re good at hiding them. The important thing to realize is that the fears are often more significant in our imagination. Even if they come to pass, they’re not as serious as a lot of singles think they’ll be. Realize that mishaps happen. They won’t turn you into a dating pariah.

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