Long-Distance Dating: Success Despite The Miles

Even when you’re surrounded by thousands of eligible singles, you might find yourself in a long-distance dating relationship. It’s common, but offers its own unique challenges. The miles that separate you and your partner can make small issues seem larger. Disagreements can seem more serious than they actually are. And feeling lonely when you’re apart is normal and expected. However, if you’re willing to make the relationship work, it can be as fulfilling as any. Today, I’ll give you a few long-distance dating tips to help you and your partner bridge the miles.

Plan Your Visits Early

The biggest obstacle is finding the time to spend together. After all, you can’t simply call your partner to go out to dinner. Plan how often you’ll see each other in advance. Discuss when one of you will visit the other (for example, every other weekend). Then, talk about who will travel to whom and when. It won’t always be split evenly, depending upon your jobs, families, or other limitations.

If you leave your visits to chance, there will always be hurdles that prevent you from visiting one another. Planning and negotiating might sacrifice spontaneity, but a long-distance relationship thrives on both.

Taming The Green Monster

The secret to keeping feelings of jealousy at bay is to communicate openly about the people you’re spending time with. When you and your partner are apart, it’s natural for you both to wonder how each other is spending their time. Don’t hide anything, even if you believe you’re avoiding a confrontation by doing so. Mention the names of your friends, places where you spend time, and other details that will help your partner place things in context with your relationship. When he or she is in town, try to have them meet the people you’ve mentioned.

Time Your Fights

Arguments are inevitable in every dating relationship. But, when you’re separated by hundreds of miles, the vacuum that follows a last-minute fight when your partner leaves can feel excruciating. Avoid letting arguments go unresolved prior to parting ways. It’s okay to fight, but work hard toward a resolution – even a partial one – before your partner leaves. Also, keep in mind that a lot of fights are resolved through physical intimacy (a hug, holding hands, etc.). You won’t be able to do that on the phone.

Ask Early About Moving

If you’re dating someone over a long distance and hope the relationship will grow, ask whether your partner would ever consider moving. The fact is, long-distance relationships don’t last forever. Couples either part ways permanently or eventually move closer to one another. Talk about this early. If neither one of you would be willing to move in the future, that doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

Planning For Dating Success

Even though most partners enjoy the idea of being spontaneous, being separated by hundreds of miles doesn’t often allow for it. In fact, the more planning you do, the more successful you’ll be. The most important factor is communicating openly and often with each other. If you do, you’ll find that the miles which separate you aren’t nearly as challenging as you thought.

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