How To Keep Your Dating Relationship Alive

When you start dating someone, the relationship is fun and stimulating. New ideas, new sensations and the thrill of getting to know another person can fuel most relationships in the beginning. Eventually, weeks turn into months and there are fewer new things to discover about your partner. Like it or not, a little effort is involved in keeping your dating relationship alive and healthy. Here are 4 tips that you can use to do exactly that…

#1 – Communicate Openly

This is more important that you might initially think. Good communication is critical in any relationship, of course. It allows you and your partner to share your thoughts and feelings, clearing the way for resolving any issues that exist. But, communicating openly can also raise the level of intimacy that you feel toward one another. It removes any pretense, allowing access to feelings that are often kept private from others.

#2 – Experience Fun

New dating relationships are filled with fun and creative activities. Not only are they a chance to be spontaneous together, they’re also opportunities to observe each other in different settings. However, after a few months have passed, dating couples often allow their fun and creative sides to take a backseat to more mundane things. As you and your partner grow closer, make sure you’re keeping active. Look for fun things that you can do together, even if they seem silly.

#3 – Avoid Dependency

It’s easy to allow your life to revolve around your partner, especially because you enjoy their company so much. Over time, you may see your friends less or you might neglect your personal interests. However, if your dating relationship ends and you part ways, it can leave an empty space in your life. Avoid becoming dependent on the person you’re dating.

Visit your friends often and devote individual time to your personal pursuits. Doing so makes you more interesting. You can share an exciting side of your life with your partner without losing your individuality.

#4 – Listen

If everybody communicated clearly and directly, confusion and doubt would be eliminated. Unfortunately, conflicting thoughts, emotions and feelings often get in the way. The person who’s speaking may have trouble expressing his thoughts while the person listening is coping with the same obstacles. When your dating partner is telling you something, block out the mental distractions that prevent you from listening. Set aside personal opinions and views. Your ability to truly listen to your partner can inspire a new level of intimacy.

In the beginning, dating always seems easy. After all, most of your attention is drawn toward learning about someone new. Don’t allow the spark and enthusiasm to deteriorate. Instead, use the 4 tips above to inject new zest into your relationship to keep it alive and healthy. You’ll discover you and your partner growing closer as time passes.

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