9 Online Dating Tips For Dating Success

dating tipsThere are countless opportunities to find compatible dating partners online. Whether you're searching for a partner with whom to spend the rest of your life or merely looking to meet exciting people and make new friends, online dating provides a perfect forum. Unfortunately, most people rush in without planning for their dating success. But, if you truly want to maximize your chances of finding stimulating people to date, you need to plan ahead. Use the 9 tips below to ensure your online dating experiences are successful.

Tip #1: It's A Numbers Game

There are literally millions of potential dating partners online. When you contact some of them, understand that most of them won't respond. Don't let that discourage you. Remember, some people receive dozens of emails from other singles each day. Responding to all of them could take hours. Make a goal to contact several people each week. Online dating is a numbers game. Contact enough people and you're bound to receive some responses.

Tip #2: Honesty First

The quickest path to finding an enriching, stimulating dating partner is to be open and honest with others. Don't lie about your job, weight, or age in your profile. If you're bald, say so. If you're short, be upfront. When you meet other singles in person, they'll see for themselves. Besides, you can't have a long-term, rewarding relationship built on a house of lies.

Tip #3: Tag Line Attention

When other singles view your profile, the first thing they'll see is your tag line. This is your chance to grab their attention and encourage them to read the rest of your profile. Keep it light and add a hint of humor. This is a great opportunity to instill curiosity in prospective dating partners and motivate them to contact you.

Tip #4: Prove You Read Their Profile

When you send someone an email, include something they mentioned in their profile. This lets them know that you actually read their profile and are interested in them. Messages that simply read, "You're hot!" or "Let's get together" may be amusing, but they won't encourage a response. If you see someone you like, read their profile and mention it in the email you send them.

Tip #5: Plan Lunch Or Coffee Dates

When you're dating online, you'll be going on a lot of first and second dates. This is your opportunity to learn more about other singles. Plan short lunch or coffee dates during the week. There's very little pressure (as opposed to a dinner date on Friday night) and if you decide that there's no potential, you can easily walk away and pursue other opportunities without feeling committed.

Tip #6: Use A Variety Of Photos

Other singles want to know what you look like. Profiles that lack pictures receive very few responses. Upload 5 to 7 photos to your profile. Include pictures of yourself alone as well as pictures with other people. Try to show yourself in different environments (at a dinner party, baseball game, park, etc.). This lets other singles know that you enjoy having fun and spending time with others.

Tip #7: Don't Linger Virtually

The key to finding a great match on an online dating service begins with email. But, once you've contacted someone who seems interesting (and interested), don't spend too much time communicating by email. Meet in person for a quick date. There's no way to know if someone is truly a good match for you until you meet them in person. The more quickly you meet them, the more quickly you'll know if the relationship is worth pursuing.

Tip #8: Keep Conversation Light

Even if you feel you've meet your soul mate, avoid talking about subjects that are personal during the first few dates. If you have major health issues, there's no need to divulge the medications you're taking. If you're dealing with severe credit problems, leave that for a future discussion if the relationship progresses. Keep things light in the beginning.

Tip #9: Take Action Daily

It's easy to get caught into the trap of looking at profiles all day. But, if that's all you're doing, you'll never meet your perfect match. Make a goal of contacting at least one potential dating partner each day. Build the habit. Then, when you receive responses, begin meeting other singles in person regularly. By consistently taking action, you'll be more effective than 90% of the other singles on the dating websites.

Getting Started For Dating Success

Online dating can be fun and exhilarating. But, there are things you should keep in mind as you get involved. Moving ahead without planning your steps can sabotage your chances of meeting other singles who are well-suited for you. Instead, use the 9 tips above to proactively seek out, contact and meet exciting dating partners. You may find that the love of your life is right around the corner.