Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Great Online Profile

how to create your online profile Being successful in online dating is largely a matter of how you sell yourself. Remember, it's not enough that you're a great guy or gal. You have to communicate that subtly to other singles. Just like store shelves are packed with great products that sell poorly because of horrible packaging, your profile must encourage others to respond. Below, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a great online dating profile that gets results.

Your Name Makes Others Curious

When it comes to choosing a screen name (or handle) for your profile, being boring can sabotage your efforts. When your profile is included in lists of potential matches for other singles, the screen name you choose is one of the only parts of your profile that shows. So, if your handle is "john3926," you won't spark much curiosity in others. Try to write down a few words that aptly describe your personality. Use different combinations. Then, when it's time to create your profile, you can add some pizazz to your handle. When others see "worldtraveler," they'll be curious to read your profile.

Taglines That Pull Singles In

Have you ever read the headline on a newspaper and couldn't stop yourself from reading the story underneath? Your profile tagline works in the same manner. It should grab the attention of other singles and pull them in. Keep your tagline simple and concise. If possible, add a bit of quirkiness. Make others curious. You can use a quote from a movie or book or create a completely unique tagline that will make others chuckle. Don't underestimate the power of a short headline to grab attention.

Length Matters

Most people on dating websites don't have the time (or desire) to read an essay. Keep your profile to a reasonable length. If your profile is too wordy, you'll scare prospective dating partners away. That said, if you don't provide enough details about yourself in your profile, other singles may avoid contacting you because they can't learn enough about you beforehand. Look at other profiles that keep your attention. Notice the length and try to emulate them.

Words Tell, But Pictures Sell

An online dating profile without pictures is doomed to be ignored. You can be the most eloquent writer in your family. You may have the most outrageous experiences to share. But, if you don't include photos of yourself with your profile, you'll be ignored by the majority of online singles. Pictures sell. So, upload several recent photos that show you smiling during various activities. Use photos that are well-lit and show you without hats, sunglasses, or any other items that conceal your face (including your hair).

Talk Is Cheap... Show Me!

You can describe yourself as "fun, energetic, interesting and willing to try new things," but talk is cheap. You need to prove these things. Write your profile in a light, easy tone. Stay positive and describe experiences that illustrate how you're fun, energetic and interesting. Include a couple of pictures that show you doing "new things" such as sky diving. Anyone can describe themselves in any way they please. Try to stand out from the pack by actually proving it with details.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

When you create your profile, try to write with other singles in mind. Write with a tone and style that you think would be interesting to read. Put yourself in their shoes. If your profile is the eleventh profile they've read today, it needs to stand out, grab their attention and pull them in. Think of the type of person you want to meet. If you want the attention of someone who is ambitious, write in a style that would attract them. If you'd like to appeal to someone positive and fun, craft your profile with the conversational tone that would encourage them to continue reading.

Your First Stop On The Road To Dating Success

Your online dating profile can either make or break your chances of attracting other singles. Remember, you're the product. Your profile has to do an effective job of selling you. A boring person with a fun, creative and quirky profile will almost always attract more responses than an exciting person will a poorly-crafted profile. Brainstorm a screen name and tagline that will make other singles curious. Keep the length of your profile reasonable and use pictures. Show others why you're an interesting person by writing to your audience. A dazzling profile is your first stop on the road to online dating success.