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  • eHarmony Free Communication Weekend

    This weekend is Free Communication Weekend for eHarmony in both the US and Canada.  During Free Communication Weekend, non-members can access many of the members-only privileges, such as being able to send and receive messages, in addition to reviewing matches. FCW starts this Friday at 12:01AM and ends at 11:59PM on Monday Sept 1, 2008.  […]

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  • 5 Tips For Great Blind Dates

    Most people have an aversion to blind dates. For some, it’s because of a bad past experience. For others, it’s fear of the unknown. When you think about it, any date can turn out badly and you can’t truly know someone until you meet them. Blind dates hold just as much potential as “regular” dates. […]

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  • Staying True To Your Dating Goals

    All of us have different goals when we’re dating. Your goals may be completely different than somebody else’s. A lot of people fall into the trap of forgetting the reason why they’re dating. It’s easy to do because we’re meeting new people and having fun in getting to know them better. Unfortunately, it can lead […]

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  • Speed Dating: The Race For Love

    Our lives are more frenetic than ever. We spend our days rushing to meetings and fixing problems at the office; then, we spend our evenings taking care of errands and other items on our to-do lists. At the end of the week, we’re exhausted. It often seems as if there’s no time to date and […]

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  • 4 Tips For Ending A Horrible Date

    First, dates can be an exhilarating experience. You’re meeting someone new and potentially exciting. You hope for the best but take mental steps to keep those hopes reined. And when you first meet your date, you may already have imagined getting to know one another better. However, first dates can often go horribly wrong. You […]

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  • Dating Body Language: Knowing The Signs

    People have been using body language for generations. It’s one of the most powerful ways we communicate. Without saying a word, we can appear receptive, guarded, or indifferent. Often, we do it without even realizing it. In fact, what we say with our bodies is usually more reliable than the words we speak. It’s an […]

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