4 Tips For Ending A Horrible Date

First, dates can be an exhilarating experience. You’re meeting someone new and potentially exciting. You hope for the best but take mental steps to keep those hopes reined. And when you first meet your date, you may already have imagined getting to know one another better. However, first dates can often go horribly wrong. You may know within minutes that the person you’re sitting across from is an excruciatingly poor match for you. It may be lack of manners, rudeness, or something unmentionable. Here are 4 tips you can use to end a bad date.

Tip #1 – Be Honest

If you’re having a bad time on your date and it’s due to something your date is doing, be honest. But, do so in a general way. For example, if your date repeatedly burps during the meal and you find that unacceptable, let the person know that there’s a lack of chemistry between you both. There’s no need to explain exactly why you’re turned off.

Tip #2 – Cut The String

When you’re on a bad date and you have no intention of seeing the other person again, don’t give that person false hope. Often, men and women are afraid to hurt each other’s feelings. So, they’ll say, “I’ll call you,” or even “Let’s get together again soon.” Don’t string the other person along. If that person asks when they’ll see you again, be honest. Let them know they won’t. You can use the “no chemistry” response (it works perfectly).

Tip #3 – Be Gracious

Even if your date is being an outright boor, keep your cool and be gracious when you’re putting a stop to the date. There’s no need to be rude or vengeful (even if the other person is). Simply thank that person for dinner (if they’re paying) and for taking the time to meet you. Let the other person know that you’re sorry things won’t work out between you both.

Tip #4 – Be Firm, But Open

If your date is behaving in a way that is completely unacceptable to you, end the date early and be firm. The other person may feign ignorance and protest, asking you to stay and give them a second chance. At that point, consider their behavior and decide whether it’s a result of other issues. For example, if your date had a horrible day and was a bit rude to you, giving that person a second chance may be a good idea. Your date may not even realize that they were acting churlish.

Moving On And Finding Your Match

If a date has gone horribly wrong and you know for certain that you never want to see the other person again, leave. Don’t feel as if you need to endure unacceptable behavior or abuse. Be honest, don’t string the other person along, leave with grace and be firm with your decision. You’ll find that ending bad dates quickly can be a great way to propel yourself toward finding the right match.

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